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The History Department seeks to develop students who are independent thinkers who can form opinions and justify them. We also work to develop each student's confidence in communicating his or her understanding. It is essential that their experience of the subject enables students to better understand the world they live in and their place in it: as a result multi-cultural education and equal opportunities underpin all elements of the Department's work.

History Department staff

Mr R Cussen - Subject Leader
Mr R Taylor
Mrs R Ashraf
Mrs H Pocklington
Accommodation and resources

We enjoy the use of two specialist teaching rooms with Departmental TV, video, DVD player and Interactive Whiteboard. Each Teacher also has their own laptop. There is plenty of scope for quality display work, indeed this is something we actively encourage. Readily accessible to the History area are a number of computer suites and the School Library. Each classroom contains resource collections that form the basis of our KS3 teaching. All students in KS4 have their own textbooks with a rich variety of resources available to enhance learning further. At both AS and A2, students have their own texts and the Department will continue to develop the supporting materials for these new courses. Further learning resources are stored in a central store and in the Department office.

Courses of Study

At KS3, History is taught for 3 x 60 minute lessons per two week timetable cycle. As this is a comprehensive school with a full range of ability, teaching in History is in mixed ability Form groups. At KS4, History is a popular option choice, with two full groups for September 2010. Groups receive 5 x 60 minute lessons per cycle. The specification taught is Edexcel Modern World History A. Students investigate America after World War I until 1970, Weimar & Nazi Germany and Superpower Relations, with coursework focusing on Law & Order in the Nineteenth Century. At KS5, we retain good numbers of students, with two groups at AS and A2. We follow the OCR History specification - looking at Germany 1933 - 1963 and Gladstone & Disraeli in the AS course and in A2, Russia 1855 - 1964 and a study of Bismarck and the founding of Germany.

Detailed schemes of work exist for all study units in KS3, 4 & 5. They emphasise the development of skills and a varied approach, using a range of teaching and learning styles. Aspects are reviewed and rewritten every Summer Term.