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Media is a national award winning department in both video and sound. We deliver a range of courses including GCSE, A Level, and BTEC Creative Media Production (level 2).

All courses involve a mixture of practical and theory elements with possible projects involving the production of magazines, advertisements, short films, documentaries and many more. Students are introduced to industrial practice in the production of coursework enabling students to feel confident that the skills they are learning will enable them to follow a career in media.

Courses of Study

GCSE's consist of 60% coursework and 40% exams while A Level are evenly split with 50% coursework and 50% exams, both of which are studied through OCR Exam Board. Units include practical tasks, textual analysis as well as the understanding and application of representation and audience reception models.

The BTEC course, studied through the Edexcel exam board, consist of 100% coursework during which students will learn the skills from all stages of production:

  • development (research, proposals and treatments),
  • pre-production (storyboards, script writing, risk assessments, budgets, drafting news),
  • production (camera work, directing, lighting, writing news articles),
  • post-production (editing, transitions, titles),
  • exhibition and distribution (screening and evaluation).

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