Computing Studies

Welcome to the IT Department at Kings Langley School.


Mr S Ngugi - Subject Leader of Computing

Mr R Benford - Teacher

Mr J Leek - Senior ICT Support Engineer

Mr B Weston - ICT Support Engineer

Our Aims

We aim for our students to be able to design, write and debug simple programs, including controlling or simulating physical systems. Students learn to solve problems by decomposing them into smaller parts (Computing Skills).

We aim for students to understand how computer networks enable communication and online collaboration. Students learn how to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly (Digital Literacy).

We aim for our students to be able to use a range of technology and software effectively including for collecting, analysing, evaluating and presenting data and information (Information Technology).

Computing studies in year 7

Unit 1: Using the internet, VLEs and online safety
Unit 2: Basics of computer programming using scratch
Unit 3: Spreadsheet Modelling
Unit 4: PC Basics
Unit 5: Introducing Control & Programming

Computing studies in year 8

Unit 1: Computer Control & Programming
Unit 2: PC Basics
Unit 3: Introduction to text based programming - Python
Unit 4: Web design and creation
Unit 5: Programming skills in 3D environment - Kodu game lab

Computing studies in year 9

Unit 1: Computer Control & Programming
Unit 2: The Turing test
(Introduction to text-based programming using Python on the Raspberry Pi)
Unit 3: The Sonic Pi
Programming with numbers and sound on the Raspberry Pi
Unit 4 - HTML & CSS
(Infrastructure of website development (HTML & CSS) and web servers on the Raspberry Pi.

Year 10 — GCSE Computing

In KS4 students follow OCR GCSE Computing syllabus. Students cover a range of topics including

  • Fundamentals of computer systems
  • Computing hardware
  • Databases
  • Computer communications and networking
  • Software
  • Representation of data in computer systems
  • Computer Programming

Please visit the ICT section of Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle) to download course descriptions and learning resources.